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The films we create are original, sassy and universal - transporting audiences to magical worlds, with real human emotion and existentialist issues. The stories explore the dark side of life, but do not reside there. In fact hope and optimism are core elements to the magic, leaving audiences touched and inspired.

A Different Life

A Different Life
Alternative living in the jungle by Shahaf Peled

PachaMama is a spiritual and ecological community in the jungle of Costa Rica, founded in 2000. The international village is a fusion of rituals and traditions from the Far East to Indigenous America, blending ancient and modern ways of life. From an intimate perspective, A Different Life opens a door into a different lifestyle through the personal experience of four leading characters.

Currently in post-production
Editor: Ana Acosta
Language: English

Mantra - The Song of Scorpions

Mantra - The Song of Scorpions
A story of twisted love and revenge by Anup Singh

There is an ancient legend in Rajasthan that says a sting of the red scorpion creates a feverish melody in the bloodstream and causes death within 24 hours. The only cure is to find a sage singer who can read the melody in the victim's wrist and sing a counter-melody. Mantra - The Song Of Scorpions is a contemporary folktale of twisted love, revenge and the redemptive power of music. Nooran is a singer, a scorpion healer, a mid-wife and a medicine woman for the Manganiar community. When Irfan, a camel trader in the desert community, realises that Nooran, the woman he passionately loves, does not care about him, he seeks redress by paying a young thug to sexually attack her. Feeling herself poisoned by the brutal violation, Nooran sets off on a mystical journey to seek and avenge herself on her unknown attacker through the power of her song.

Starring Golshifteh Farahani
Shooting October - November 2015
Swiss - French co-production

The Lighthouse Keeper

The Lighthouse Keeper
A fantastic comedy by OLPAMA

An American agnostic meets a Greek god in exile. Traveling to Europe for the first time, Ian is on a special mission to deliver his beloved Grandfather's ashes, freshly graduated from college and completely uninspired about joining the family business in New England. Ian and decrepit Poseidon find themselves swept up in an extraordinary adventure from Cologne to the sublime Mediterranean, helping each other through their dilemmas and sharing profoundly life-changing experiences. The story refers to contemporary themes of religion and spirituality, notably the creation and destruction of gods. Using humour and modern aesthetics, the film takes audiences on a magical human journey, to touch these subjects in a light, gentle and entertaining way.

ACE-project 2012-13
Currently packaging
Language: English

Journey Inside The Privileged Mind

Journey Inside The
Privileged Mind

A quirky countdown to death by Pablo Martín Torrado

Ernest wakes up on a regular morning in his mundane privileged ex-pat corporate life. Despite following the 'Formula for Happiness x 5', a hypochondriac moment reveals he has little over 10 hours to live. Revealed through Ernest's mad perspective in an absurd state of despair, we discover a society striving for perfectionism, ruled by science and the ever-so-powerful corporate world. Journey Inside The Privileged Mind is a quirky countdown to death, a surrealist comedy by Pablo Martín Torrado about science, mortality and the meaningfulness of life.

Selected Fonction:Cinéma SSA script coaching programme
Currently in advanced development
Language: English

Lo Mas image

Lo Más Importante de la Vida
es No Haber Muerto

A triangle of love and deceit by OLPAMA

An esteemed piano tuner and repairer, Jacobo leads an apparently happy life with his wife, Helena. His serene existence is thrown into a state of confusion when insomnia creeps in, and pianos that previously repaired miraculously overnight remain unfixed. Jacobo plunges into paranoia and madness, hearing noises during the night and having ephemeral visions of a stranger roaming the house in a nightgown. Helena reassuringly denies anything out of the ordinary, and suspiciously insists he is hallucinating. Is the life we think safe and secure true, or is there a second reality lurking? The Most Important Thing in Life is Not Being Dead is a tale of betrayal and forgiveness in a rich musical universe, set against the Franco era, a period of political deceit and distorted reality in Spain.

Language: Spanish


An experimental short by Pablo Martín Torrado

"Don't Think, Just Shoot". That's the motto! So I'm shooting everything… My eyes are like tiny Lomos. Wow! My photos will be really something… Never seen before or will be again! Can't wait to get them developed…Hey! What the? Come back! Stop him…he's taking my Lomo…my Lomo…my Lomo…

Language: English and French (the film exists in two original versions)

Radio Caroline

RADIO Caroline
A film about freedom of speech

The Sixties in Great Britain was an exciting and turbulent decade. Ambitious young men and women rejected the Establishment, defining a new way to live and love. Max Cashman, a brash young music lover is swept aboard Radio Caroline, an offshore ‘pirate’ radio station set up to play pop music and challenge the government’s monopoly of the airwaves. Radio Caroline epitomised the emergent youth culture, redefined broadcasting, and provided the soundtrack to a social revolution. As Max’s celebrity increases his older sister Clare, a smart, tenacious aide, ascends the ranks of Harold Wilson’s government. When the audience for pirate radio out rates the BBC’s, Clare must legislate against the pop pirates and their stations. With their principles and family bond at stake, Clare and Max are forced against each other in a struggle that will teach them the high price of free speech.

Screenplay by Kara Kidman
Selected for the EAVE development workshops
Status: 3rd draft. Language: English