SVP talents are fresh and inspiring, the foundation of any story and project. We are building a family around exciting visions, strong narrative and deep questions about the human experience - to create provocative, intelligent and entertaining cinema for international audiences. The SVP directors are confident storytellers, visionary leaders, with their personal and distinctive filmmaking styles.

Anup Singh (writer / director)
Anup Singh is of Indian origin, grew up in East Africa, a British citizen and resident of Geneva. His unique life experience and deep sensitivity contribute to his poetic expression through the arts in writing, filmmaking and music. Anup studied Literature and Philosophy at Bombay, followed by Film at the prestigious FTII in Pune. After making an award-winning debut feature in 2002, Anup's latest movie, QISSA - The Tale of a Lonely Ghost premièred at Toronto 2013, and is critically acclaimed by the international press: "stuns its audience… distinctive storytelling". Awards to date include Best Asian Film by Netpac, the Silver Gateway at the Mumbai FF and Best Actress at Abu Dhabi FF. Theatrical releases are scheduled for 2014. View the trailer

Shahaf Peled (director)
Shahaf is a filmmaker from Tel Aviv University, specialised in documentary, learning with filmmakers like Moshé Mizrahi, three times Oscar nominated & once winner. Shahaf worked in the local industry with Shahar Segal, Channel 8, POV, G-group, No-budget productions making TV commercials, fiction and documentary movies. Before film, he studied East Asian culture at TAU, which developed a strong sense of aesthetics and deep philosophical attitude towards life. Shahaf's personal approach, determination and visionary perspective provide a unique combination of technique and character for delivering powerful movies. Shahaf is currently shooting his first feature-length creative documentary about an alternative society in Costa Rica.

OLPAMA (writer/ director)
OLPAMA is a collective of three filmmakers from Geneva, Madrid and Barcelona. Olivier Pictet, Pablo Martín Torrado and Marc Recuenco collaborate in a unique way, to make films that are original, intelligent and aesthetic - for European and international audiences. Each co-director owns his area of expertise: cinematography, story & performance, and set design respectively. The critical decisions are debated and achieved by unanimity during pre-production, taking the films to higher and deeper levels of creativity. Since meeting at the IDEP film school in Barcelona in 2002, OLPAMA's work has included more than 10 award-winning films, including: fiction, short, experimental and documentary, selected at numerous Festivals internationally.

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Pablo Martín Torrado (writer / director)
Pablo Martín Torrado (1973) was born in Madrid and, as the son of two established artists, grew up surrounded by art, culture and creativity. In 1999, while majoring in English literature and philology at the University of Granada, he began evolving towards cinema and participated in numerous writing, actor directing, directing and editing courses. During the years that followed Pablo also wrote continuously and lived in Dublin, Brussels, Malaga and Barcelona. As well as film directing, Pablo has been teaching and is completing a PhD in cinema theory and criticism at the University of Lausanne. Pablo currently lives in Geneva, Switzerland.
In addition to OLPAMA filmography, Pablo wrote and directed LOMO, short experimental fiction, 2012.

Saskia Vischer (producer)
Saskia Vischer produces independent films for international audiences, with a principal focus on emerging talent and magical journeys. Dedicated to the fine balance between art and business, Saskia works closely with creative partners to ensure ideas and ambitions are symbiotic with market realities. Since 2003, Saskia has worked in leadership roles on more than 60 projects in the creative industries, including fiction, documentary, TV commercials, corporate, music videos, photography, publishing, music festivals and artists' exhibitions. Her education includes an MBA in Finance and Strategy, and a BA in Pure Mathematics, Philosophy and Literature. She is the founder and lead producer of SVP.

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